Linus Torvalds因内核注解标点格式发飙

Broadcasted at July 13, 2016 at 11:03PM:
事实上去看 Linux Torvalds 的邮件,写的非常认真
Linus Torvalds在Linux内核邮件开发者列表上再次发飙,将部分程序员偏爱的代码注解标点格式称为“脑残”。他强烈反对的注解格式类似: /* This is disgusting drug-induced * crap, and should die */ 和 /* This is also very nasty * and visually unbalanced */ 他个人支持的格式类似: /* This is a comment */ 和 /* * This is also a comment, but it can now be cleanly * split over multiple lines */
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