Dennis Ritchie and Steve Jobs

Chinese Version:

丹尼斯.里奇 (Dennis Ritchie) 是 C 语言的共同发明人, 而后者基本上可以说是整个计算机行业的基础. 他也是 UNIX 的共同发明人, 而 UNIX 也是整个计算机行业的基础, 除了 Windows (尽管 Windows 极大得受到了 UNIX 的影响). 苹果的 OS X 是基于 UNIX 的操作系统. 但是, 很多人以为是史蒂夫.乔布斯一个人做了这一切, 所以他是个救世主.
他"借用"他人的想法, 设计和功能, 而当别人这么做的时候他却牢骚满腹. 1996 年, 他说:"我们不知羞耻的窃取伟大的想法. [1]" 2005 年, 他说:"他们无耻的抄袭我们. [2]" 今年, 他说:"我要毁了 Android, 因为它是偷来的. 我不惜为此发动核战. [3]" 而几乎就是紧接着, 他发布了 iOS 5, 而 iOS 5 充满了 Android 中首先出现的功能. 这人就是个混账. 我对于像他这种伪君子毫无耐性可言.

[1] We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.
[2] They are shamelessly copying us.
[3] I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this.

以下为 11 月 5 日的更新:

因为人们在评论前都不看先前的评论 (糟透了!), 因此我在这里附上我的进一步解释.

1) 我的看法是史蒂夫.乔布斯是个伪君子. 这是本文唯一的重点. 他并非孤身一人达到了他的高度. 他窃取他人 (他也承认这点), 而当别人这么做的时候他就牢骚满腹. 这正是伪君子的定义.

2) 我的看法在史蒂夫.乔布斯死之前很久很久就形成了. 我也不打算就因为他死了这点而停止抱怨. 如果这让我变成一个坏人, 那就这样吧. 只要我们还应当在世间享有言论自由, 我会继续善加利用. 只要人们继续分享他们的神圣的史蒂夫的看法, 我也将继续分享我的反对意见.

3) 不准确的话就变成诽谤了. 但是我所说的一切都直接来自他本人. 他曾说他很乐于偷窃, 而后又怒气冲天, 就因为别人也这么做了.

4) 许多人的回复对我的说法添油加醋. 特别是, 有人说我认为史蒂夫.乔布斯或苹果一文不值或是对世界毫无贡献. 这不对, 我从未如此说过. 参见 1).

5) 我有癌症 (但是我战胜了它), 所以别跟我提他的癌症. 我不会为此痛哭流涕的.

6) 有人说我嫉妒苹果. 我有什么可嫉妒的呢? 搞笑.

7) 我认为苹果的问题是他们施加于他们的顾客, 供应商, 开发者和设备的种种限制. 史蒂夫.乔布斯活在控制或被控制的环境中. 而我生在一个共享和相似共享的环境中. 两者全然不搭.

8) 我认为人们应该汲取他人的想法. 否则世界怎么会变好呢? 自私的保有你的想法的意义在哪儿呢? 除了你自己这样还对谁好处? 狗屁.


English Version:

Dennis Ritchie co-invented C which is the basis of basically everything that involves computers. He co-invented UNIX which is the basis of everything computers except Windows (though Windows was very, very extremely influenced by it). Apple's OS X is a UNIX-based platform. But, no, so many people think Steve Jobs did it all alone and that he should be praised as a savior. Not only did he "borrow" ideas, designs, and features from everyone else, he whined if anyone ever did the same. In 1996 he said "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." In 2005 he said "They are shamelessly copying us." This year he said "I'm going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this" and then almost immediately afterward released iOS 5 with a ton of features first introduced in Android. The guy is/was an asshole. I have no patience for a hypocrite like him.

(I wrote this as a response to someone's post containing this picture. I figured I may as well share it here. My opinions on this matter certainly are no secret.)


EDIT (8:31pm Nov 5): Because people don't read the comments before they post them (naughty, naughty!) I'm posting my clarification here. I'm getting a lot of comments complaining to me while saying exactly the same thing I've already said.

1) My complaint is that Steve Jobs was a hypocrite. That's all I said here about him. He did not get to the point he was without help. He stole plenty from others (and he admitted it) but he complained when other people did the same thing. That is the definition of hypocrisy.

2) I was complaining about Steve Jobs and Apple way, way, way before he died. I'm not going to stop complaining simply because he died. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. For as long as we supposedly have free speech in the world, I'll continue to use it. And as long as people continue to share their Holy Steve opinion, I'll continue to share my opinion of the contrary.

3) It would be libel if it were inaccurate. But everything I said is taken straight from his mouth. He said he was happy to steal and then threw a fit because someone else did it too.

4) Many of your comments are adding words to my post that I didn't say. Particularly, I'm hearing that I said that Steve Jobs or Apple were worthless or didn't add anything to the world. That's not true and I never said it. See also point #1 above.

5) I had cancer too (but beat it) so don't come whining to me about his cancer. You'll get no tears from me.

6) I've heard something about me being jealous of Apple. Why would I be jealous? That's a silly argument.

7) My problem with Apple is the restriction they place on their customers, vendors, developers, and devices. Steve Jobs is in a Control or be controlled environment. I'm in a Share and share-alike environment. These things do not mesh.

8) I do believe people should borrow ideas from everyone else. How else will we have a better world? What is the value of being selfish with your ideas? How will that help anyone except yourself? Bullcrap.

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