Google Plus has a secret weapon -- hangout
Are you on Google Plus? If you are, are you actually using it?
其实,你应该去使用Googe+ -- 因为Google+提供了一个惊人的秘密武器.
You should be – because Google Plus offers users an amazing secret weapon.
A little more than a year ago, Google launched its version of a social network. But the network did not gain quick acceptance, and now it seems like it might be going the way of other failed social media ventures like iTunes’ Ping, the long-abandoned MySpace, and the long-forgotten Friendster.
但是我们应当希望Google+不会走远,因为她可能提供了最好的社交功能 -- Hangout.
But we should all hope Google Plus sticks around, because it offers perhaps the best feature of any social network – the Hangout.

If you’re not familiar, the Hangout is Google Plus’s tool for video chatting. It’s a unique feature that more prominent social networks like Facebook and Twitter don’t offer.
I’ve found that a Hangout is just as easy to use as Skype or Facetime, with comparable video quality.
But the Hangout is an even better tool than those services, because it offers the additional benefit of easily adding multiple people to a call. In the past, that kind of video-conferencing is something you could only get through pay services.
这对于那些远距离并需要使用视频会议服务,又没有预算的工作来说是一个大大的方便.加上最近更新的功能使得Hangout在Google+ iPhone应用上更加容易使用.这个应用显示了和你谈话的人(还有你自己),同时允许你切换查看其它用户.
This is a huge benefit to businesses that work from a distance and need to use video conferencing services, but don’t have a budget to pay for them. Plus, a recent update made the Hangout feature  easier to use through Google Plus’s iPhone app. The app shows you video of who’s talking (as well as of you), while allowing you to toggle to see other users.
Because the app is only showing one video stream at a time, I’ve found that it provides better video quality than the desktop version. In fact, I’ve gotten to the point where I use the app for Hangouts even when my desktop is sitting right beside me.
此外,您还可以使用数据网络来视频群聊,不只是在WiFi的时候。有好几次,当我已经迟到的时候,我就使用应用在汽车上听会议内容。(当然,我在驾驶的时候不看着手机屏幕 )。
Plus, you can use the Hangout feature on data networks, not just on WiFi. A couple of times, when I’ve been running late for a meeting by Hangout, I’ve used the app in the car to listen in while driving. (Of course, I didn’t watch the screen while behind the wheel – but the video was available had I had a chauffeur.)
Google Plus offers even more Hangout functionality in its iPad app and in its Android app by showing additional users. I haven’t tried these but would be interested to hear how well the video quality holds up.
All versions of the app are free.
Google Plus is using Hangouts to promote the network by offering hangouts with celebrities, athletes, bands, and more. Plus, the NFL’s website offered fantasy football drafts by hangout this year. Events like these are a great way to try out the Hangout feature to see just how much you’ll like it.

像建立Google+一样容易 ---- 如果你有一个Gmail地址,只需要点击一两下 ---- 没有理由不加入,如果仅仅是为了有机会的视频群聊的。

As easy as it is to set up Google Plus – if you have a Gmail address, it takes just a click or two – there’s no reason not to join up, if only to have access to the Hangouts.
Then you can make Google Plus’s secret weapon your own.

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