Tell a story about something that happened to you or someone you know over/during a holiday.

When it comes to journey, I always think of the journey to Expo. It was last summer, after my college entrance examination that several good friend and I prepare to go to shanghai to see the Expo. You know, at that time,the shanghai Expo was the only topic among people.

So we started our trip.In our plan, the trip would take us about 4 days. The first two days was in Suzhou,another beautiful city.And the last two days was to shanghai.When we arrived in Suzhou,it was very hot outside.So we hurrily/quickly found a restaurant to enjoy the air condition instead of eating.After our slowly eating,we have to find place to live in that night. And then next day we went to some traditional Chinese garden,which was the symbol of Suzhou. Luckily, I have to say,we got the chance to visit a Museum for free.The second day in Suzhou was a tired day.We spent the whole day in Suzhou Amusement Park.After playing some ,I was too tired to go on so I just stand by side and watched them playing.

Later in this day,we took a train to Shanghai.It was nearly mid-night when we arrived.Luckily,we had offered hotel ahead of time.The third day of our journey was a nightmare.We got up at 4 am.and we took a taxi to the gate of Expo.And we just stayed in front of the gate to wait the gate to open at 9 am.We think we were so early that we did not nead to enter the pavilion [pə'viljən].But the fact disturbed us.In front of the pavilion there were still long queue.So we wait wait and wait …finally we enter some unwelcomed pavilions.But we enter the Chinese Pavilion. In order to enter Chinese Pavilion we waited outside for about 4 hours.It was really horrible.So we decided not to Expo next day.And we just stay at the hotel .

At last ,it’s a long and tired journey.

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